Key Areas of Maintenance During a Vacancy
Key Areas of Maintenance During a Vacancy
If you have a vacancy in your property for any given time, take advantage of the downtime to get to those maintenance tasks that may have been difficult when the property was occupied. Key areas to look at are: 
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Checking that all appliances are in good order
  • Fixing any damage that may have been left by previous tenants
  • Fixing leaks in taps or bathrooms
  • Checking the exhaust fan in kitchen
  • Checking plumbing and electrical connections throughout the property
  • Pest inspection and/or service
 Also, consider if there are there any changes that you’d like to make to the property to make it more attractive to prospective tenants? Does it need a new coat of paint and/or new flooring? Does part of it need professional cleaning or replacing? Use the vacancy period to your advantage and reap the rewards from having a more attractive rental property as a result.
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