Property Manager Vs Own Management
Property Manager Vs Own Management

Is engaging a Property Manager really necessary for your investment property? Without expert knowledge, managing it on your own could put you at risk of unnecessary stress and your investment not reaching its full income-earning potential.

 A great Property Manager will: 
  • Have expert local knowledge to help you set an appropriate rent amount
  • Help you navigate the tenant interview process to rule out potential risky candidates
  • Act as a go-between for you and your tenant throughout the tenancy
  • Market your property to its best advantage to attract desirable tenants
  • Coordinate maintenance and general repair requests from your tenants
  • Provide detailed reports to help you manage the financial aspect of owning an investment property
 Without having these key skills yourself, you could waste valuable time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Consider engaging a Property Manager to help you handle the above functions, particularly if this is your first investment property.


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